Vertical Farm Photos – Friday 8/16/2013

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Vertical Farm Photos – Friday 8/16/2013 *

You can check out the photos at our Instagram feed:

This Week at Bright Agrotech’s Vertical and Urban Farm *

We’ve got our living green wall up and running! If you’re subscribed to our YouTube Channel, you can find it under our “Green Wall” playlist!

You can continue learning more about green walls in this Wednesday’s post on a new, more affordable and highly productive method using towers.

Finally, we’re recapping our weekly Community Supported Agriculture harvest for our CSA community here in Laramie, WY.

The World’s First Aquaponic Living Green Wall *

aquaponic green wall

Click to view the video!

On Tuesday, we published a video featuring the newest addition to the Bright Agrotech vertical farm: The world’s first living aquaponic green wall! 

We are using this wall of barley to better insulate our fish house and help save a little money attempting to keep it warm throughout the fall/early winter.

Plus as it grows out, it will look SUPER cool and beautiful!

We’ll be posting more videos and photos to keep you updated on the aquaponic green wall’s progress so stay tuned to our YouTube Channel!


ZipGrow Towers and Green Walls *

Greenwall BA 3

Black barley growing on the first aquaponic living green wall.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been digging deeper into the concept of vertical, living green walls for use in personal, corporate or municipal applications.

Green walls can bring many benefits including:

– fresher air,

– greater energy efficiency,

– or even beautifying a space, whether a city wall or the fence in your own backyard.

However, these benefits are often overshadowed by the countless challenges connected with designing, building and maintaining these green walls.

This week on the Vertical Food Blog, we featured a highly productive, flexible and much more affordable green wall technique using ZipGrow towers. 

This type of technique solves many, if not all, of the challenges often faced with creating a living wall including:

– decreasing pest and disease issues

– minimizing the cost of building a green wall

– and, reducing the water consumption and salt build up often encountered with traditional green walls.

In all, if you’re interested in the potential of green walls for greening our cities and growing food without compromising space, I’d encourage you to give this post a read!

Laramie CSA Harvest *

vertical hydroponic tower

Pesto making time! Sweet basil growing in vertically ZipGrow towers.

Despite a couple of wicked Wyoming summer thunderstorms bringing hail and strong winds to the Laramie Valley, we were still able to provide a bountiful harvest for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) partners this week.

As you can see in our photos above, we had some slight hail damage to our zucchini, yellow and 8-ball squash this week.

While this is purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect the flavor or taste of the squash, we’re still a little bummed to have to give out UGLY produce.

One thing I know we were really excited about was the really nice beets and fennel we harvested.

After having a few grilled beets this past week, I think I’ve found my new favorite vegetable. (Be sure to check out the recipe section below if you’re looking to get wild with some beets/fennel!) 

Another nice treat for our CSA members this week was our sweet basil (see photo on right).

This stuff not only tastes amazing, it also packs a serious Vitamin K punch delivering about 60% of your recommended daily value. It’s also full of many other vitamins. Here’s a list if you’re interested!

Finally, we stuffed the CSA baskets full of Swiss Chard, another super food containing 13 polyphenol antioxidants! 

Talk about good and good for you.


Weekly Recipe: Roasted Beet and Fennel Salad *

roasted beet and fennel salad

This salad is sure to satisfy any summer craving!



  • 3-4 medium sized beets
  • 2 to 1 fennel bulb
  • ~1 T olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Fennel fronds (optional)


“I hesitate to put any exact amounts because this dish is so flexible. I personally did not measure, though if you look at the photos you’ll realize that I used about four small beets and one fennel bulb. This was largely due to the fact that this is the amount I got in my CSA box! I hate to be so vague, but it is really up to you what amounts you want to make. I think 3-4 regular sized beets to a small fennel bulb is not a bad starting point, but feel free to adjust based on your preference!Remove the green stems from the beets and cut them up into similar sized pieces. I usually don’t bother peeling beets because I’m happy enough eating the outer skin as well (and I don’t like wasting time). Cubes work the best to maintain juiciness, though slicing works OK as well.Slice the fennel bulb into 1 cm strips. Combine beets and fennel strips with about 1-2 tsp olive oil (or use an oil spritzer if you are trying to avoid using too much oil) ensuring that all pieces are at least somewhat coated with oil. Season with salt and pepper and stir to combine everything.Roast at 350 °F for about 20-30 minutes, checking periodically to see when the pieces are done. Once finished, remove oven and let cool or serve immediately.If serving as a cool salad, you can optionally add a splash of citrus for fun.Enjoy!”

Read more:

Another Week in the Books! *

As always, thanks for being part of our community to cultivate a healthier, brighter and more sustainable food system.

Please know we deeply appreciate your readership to the Vertical Food Blog and participation in this mission!

Have a great weekend!


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